Common-Sense Gun Legislation

I was inspired by the Parkland high school students who lead the charge for common-sense gun legislation in 2018. I could not idly stand by as our children and families’ lives were endangered by gun violence. Common-sense gun safety legislation is vital to protect our children and communities from the trauma of mass shootings and gun violence. This includes supporting law enforcement in their efforts to get guns off the streets as well as investing state resources into treating gun violence as a public health epidemic – through community and program investments that research shows reduce violence. As a legislator, I have sponsored various legislation to improve gun safety such as modifying FOID licenses and to outlaw the transfer of private firearms. I will continue to be a strong advocate for keeping our children safe in schools and for common-sense gun legislation.


FOID modifications and outlawing the transfer of private firearms: and and


I am proud to be endorsed by LEAP Forward and be a Moms Demand Action Common Sense Gun Candidate.

  • Category : issues
  • Date : August 11, 2020