Honored by the Support of Moms Demand Action

MDA is a dynamic organization that is making a real difference in the fight against gun violence. The problem of gun violence is unfortunately ever growing and an urgent societal issue.

Among developed nations, the United States is among the highest in terms of deaths caused by firearm. Our founding fathers could not have predicted the situation that we face today. Military grade weapons are easily accessible with very little restrictions, and this comes at a time with fewer resources being dedicated to address mental issues. In America, we have literally more guns than people.

Today we have an increasing number of mass casualty attacks occurring at schools and public facilities. This is simply not acceptable and something that as a society, we need to address. We need to keep our children safe. We need to keep our public safe.

I am deeply honored by the support and confidence that Moms Demand Action has placed in me. As State Representative, I will match it by with working with the utmost diligence through continuing to work with them and with my colleagues in the Illinois General Assembly to enact sensible firearm regulations. It is time.